February 15, 2008

The Vegan Powerhouse aka My Life.

I have been waiting to post about this for a looooooong time, and finally I remembered to take a picture before chowing down my meal. The Vegan Powerhouse with homefries, tofu, spinach and mushrooms, and the spicy peanut sauce on the side, with a side order of wheatless spelt-rye-oat toast with soy butter. PERFECTION!

This menu item from the Keystone CafĂ© can be ordered in a variety of ways, but as a regular Keystoner, I assure this is the best. I absolutely LOVE dipping my chunks of tofu and the chunks of homefries into the peanut sauce. I literally envision myself doing this when I am lying in my bed (sometimes hungover) waiting to go to breakfast. My friends (namely Carrie and J.) and I always try to be creative and go to a different morning breakfast/lunch spot, but it just never happens. It’s always back to good ole’ Keystone.

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ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Haha I have a restaurant like that too. Every time I suggest going out to eat, my friends and I (or my parents and I) end up there. It's just so good! And I always order the same dish, too. So much for variety!