January 24, 2008

Cooking Shows, Internet Magic!

I was on youtube yesterday searching through some random assortment of videos when I stumbled across a series of cooking videos called Everyday Dish. The five to ten minute long segments show viewers how to make some pretty yummy looking vegan dishes. The one I watched yesterday was called Tofu Breakfast Scramble. But they have everything from Oatmeal Cookies to Pumpkin Hummus to Seitan Corned Beef---all VEGAN!!! Check this one out.

I signed up for a subscription for Everyday Dish, which is also free! Having a subscription allows you to make playlists, mark your favorite videos and be in touch with other subscribers. Another interesting way to build a community on the internet. Thank goodness for fiber-optic cables!!

It's amazing to me that now we can watch cooking shows over the internet. And for free! Another great resource (along with blogs) for learning and trying new recipes and techniques in the kitchen.

I encourage you all, vegan and non-vegans, to watch some of the videos. The meals look delicious, and hey! you never know, maybe they will open your taste buds to a whole new experience!

Never stop exploring, loving and opening your heart and mind to new experiences everywhere!
love and light.


Jessica said...

aw, it's Julie! I just made that pumpkin hummus for a 2nd time last week.

Jess said...

First of all you have done an amazing job with this blog, everything is really interesting and useful! I am living with 2 vegitarians this year and I think that its an incredible way of life. I was wondering if there are any cooking shows that you have found that make delicious food. My room mates are always looking to try new recipes!

Alison Nicole said...

thanks jess! If you check out the Everyday Dish show on youtube, it has about 30 different vegetarian cooking segments to check out. Also, I really like to use cookbooks. Some of my favorites are the Williams Sonoma Vegetarian cookbook, Veganimicon, and for sweets The Joy of Vegan Baking. I'm glad you are expanding your eating tastes. Vegetarianism and veganism are amazing ways to do so! Good luck!