January 17, 2008

Vegan cheesecake...to kill for.

I have always hated cheesecake. I guess it's because it tastes so much like cream cheese, which I dislike as well. Last fall on a special trip to Sweet Life Patisserie in Eugene my oh-so-wise (not to mention handsome) date suggested we share a piece of their non-dairy cheesecake. Ever since that first bite of close to perfection, I have been obsessed with vegan cheesecake.

It doesn't have that heavy, thickness to it like regular cheesecake. It's light, creamy and matches perfectly with its graham cracker crust. I went on a mission to try to make a similar creation.

Last Christmas I made my first vegan cheesecake, which was pumpkin. It turned out fairly well, and fooled my whole family who thought it was just a regular vegan cheesecake. I wish you all could have seen my brother's face when I told him (after he ate his whole piece) that it was made using tofu.

This Christmas with my new vegan cookbook in hand, I decided to attempt to make a pumpkin cheesecake again. I enlisted the help of my darling cousins, Shannon, 10, and Alyssa, my goddaughter, 5. The especially loved making the crust.

After I have mixed the dry ingredients together, made the crust and beat together the egg replacer, I discovered that while caught up in the gloriousness of Whole Foods I only bought one 8-ounce container of vegan cream cheese while the recipe called for two.

I quickly turned to my fellow vegan food bloggers, who inspire me and whom I admire. I went to the recipe index of The FatFree Vegan Kitchen and to my delight there was a recipe for double-layer pumpkin cheesecake! After reading the recipe and seeing that SusanV, the creator of the FatFree Vegan Kitchen, used an 8-ounce container of vegan creamcheese in combination with 12 ounces of tofu. I trust these knowledgeable vegan bloggers, and I had the tofu so I gave it a shot. The cheesecake came out perfectly and my family was thoroughly impressed! Thanks SusanV!

I have to say as much as I am proud of my attempt at making vegan cheesecake, it still cannot live up to the amazingness of the cheesecake at Sweet Life . I might have to find a way to get my hands on their secrets....hmmmm....

A trip to Sweet Life is in order for the coming week. Keep checking back as I will likely blog about that little slice of goodness.


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Great vegan blog... and that cheezecake looks delicious!

Cakespy said...

Oh, how delicious. I think you killed me with this post! *dies*

Anonymous said...

Hi Ali, I work with your Dad. I heard about your blog through a mutual friend, Paul. I don't know what you are cooking or baking from but if you can lay hands on a copy of Sinfully Vegan, I recommend it for desserts. there's even a 20+ chapter on just cheesecakes. I have not made anything from it that wasn't both a success and a surprise to others that it was vegan.

Good luck on your blog/project.
- - - Annie (Privacy Office@ Dad's job)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ali,
I work with your Dad and heard about your project through other friend Paul.

I highly recommend Sinfully Vegan if you enjoy preparing/eating desserts (22+ pages of cheesecakes alone!).

Everything that I've made from there has been very good and a surprise to many that it was vegan.

Enjoy the cheesecake and good luck on your project / blog.

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

I would love to go there one day!

I have Sinfully Vegan and have had to toy around with the recipes to get them to my liking, but I'm also pretty picky about great cheesecakes, eating them er, authentic, I suppose NY style growing up.